Kings Way Infant School

Parent Comments


Parents thought our WOW Wednesday Phonics (Sept 2018) was .......................

  • Great, lovely games.  Children very excited.
  • Very good, great to see how far they have come.
  • Great ides to take home and help my child, thank you.
  • Really informative and enjoyable.
  • Parents really liked .....................
  • Finding out how you learn phonics.
  • Seeing the exercises the children do to practise phonics.
  • Being able to see what my child was doing.  It was interactive and I could see the way she learns and the games we can play at home.
  • The touch computer screen matching words to pictures.


This is what our parents thought of the Year 2 Leavers Show 2018

Amazing!  So much hard work has been put into it.  Was lovely to see that even the children that are more shy didn't have a problem taking part.

Absolutely fantastic!!  Well done Year 2!!

Fabulous. xxx

Excellent because I liked it when they sang the song.  Madison.

Excellent as usual, so proud to be part of Kingsway School.

Fantastic.  So proud of all the children.  Well done.

Amazing!  Children performances were wonderful.  The school gets better and better.  Both teachers and pupils work so hard all year round.


This is what our parents thought of the end of term Rock Steady Band Performance 2018

"What a lovely performance from everyone.  Very impressive!"

"I would like to thank 'Mark the Shark' for such an amazing show.  Well done your efforts will never be forgotten."

"Amazing, they have come along so much.  Thank you so much."

"Very entertaining.  Their confidence and appearance was impressive, thank you."

"Really great.  All bands were good and the level is improving."

"Amazing, the kids were so natural, no nerves on show."

"Good.  But could see more improvement in their playing skills, they have grown in confidence."

"Excellent, Mark has been teaching my son for 2 years, and I can say Mark is an amazing teacher with all the children."

"Amazing! Really sad that ******* can't do Rocksteady at the juniors.  Thank you for all you've taught her Mark."

"Absolutely fantastic.  I can't believe how confident the students were and how well they played together.  Thank you for inviting me!"